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VRT has been designed to promote affordable access to educational resources within the Veterinary Rehabilitation sectors. From the understanding that businesses within this sector practice alone or have few employees….. and why not?! 

Yes, however please see T’s & C’s for our refund policy. 

This enables us to keep the cost down for all users and participants and ensures that we have committed members that are serious and proactive about their CPD.  

The purpose of the website is to use it at your leisure so you can revisit the information as many times as you like, to ensure that you layer up your development and have time to digest it – in the long run enabling you to implement it and making yourself an informed practitioner. Rather than quickly dashing through to just get your points/hours.

Unfortunately you can not actively participate in the Q&A but you can view and listen to the recorded Q&A sessions. All webinars will be recorded and uploaded for you to be able to access at any time from any device. 

VRT Clinical Consolidation / Assessments

As an organisation, we are passionate about professional, quality CPD with animal welfare being at the heart of our mission. We would like to ensure that members are able to underpin their knowledge and understanding of each individual training topic and that members are accountable for their CPD profile. 

You will have the opportunity to attempt each assessment 3 times. Should you fail on your third attempt you will be invited to revisit the training and reflect on your learning to ensure that you retain and recall the information within the training more easily and revisit the assessment process. 

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