Revolutionising Location Accuracy for Council Amenities

Using W3W for councils
Accurate location information is crucial in various emergency situations, especially when it comes to accessing critical amenities like defibrillators. Traditionally, pinpointing precise locations could be challenging, but thanks to innovative…

All Hosting Is Not The Same

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Hosting for council websites
It’s easy to overlook the importance of hosting when choosing a Council website provider. The internet presents many offers of hosting at various price points and with various features. Hosting…

WCAG 2.1aa Compliance and Third Party Content

WCAG2.1aa Compliance for local authorities
Adding features to our websites is one way to improve the user experience however that may not always be the case. Public sector bodies accessibility regulations 2018 known officially as…

How We Provide The Best Value

The best value council website
NetWise was incorporated in 2015 by the current directors with the sole purpose of delivering website solutions to local councils around the UK. During the past six years we’ve gradually…

Parish Council Meetings & Coronavirus

Parish Council Meeting Coronavirus
On the date of publishing, the government have advised against unnecessary travel, social distancing measure are also in place especially for over 70s and those with certain underlying conditions. Home…