Virtual Clerk Services

Locum Clerk Services

We know that our Council clients often require Clerk services to cover holidays, illness or when they find themselves between Clerks. We’re also aware that some Clerks, due to time or technical ability, may sometimes need assistance with keeping their Council website up to date and compliant.

Whilst NetWise don’t directly get involved in uploading documents, we do have a long term relationship with a retired Clerk that we’re happy to recommend and who offers permanent or locum website administration services.

Sharon is a retired Parish Council Clerk, with a background in information technology and remote working solutions for a large corporate.

As a Clerk she is CiLCA qualified and enabled her last council to attain the LCAS Gold Award.

Sharon has been using NetWise for a number of years and offers website administration services and training for the Netwise sites.

With her background she is ideally placed to help councils set up and maintain their websites and conform with Accessibility and Transparency guidelines in addition to the mandates set for Parish Councils to adhere to in England.

Website Services

These are examples of some of the services that Sharon can provide:

  • Uploading of the documents relating to the Council’s meetings – agenda and minutes for Full Council, Committees and Working Groups; initially as draft, then as approved documents. In either html or accessible pdf format.
  • Uploading as-and-when required other Council documents, e.g.:
    Changes to Council’s policies, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, etc.
  • Accessibility Statement amendment and Audit results.
  • Photographs, newsletters, updating Member profiles etc
  • Other Local Authority documents and information, e.g. District Council and Highways.
  • Addition and amendments to site pages (template permitting)
  • Provide necessary advice and support to ensure ongoing Accessibility compliance of the website, including periodic audits.

All work is charged at an hourly rate with a minimum charge of one hour per month. Uploading a backlog of documents would be carried out on a project basis, whereas monthly uploading of files would be carried out on the day she receives them unless stated otherwise.

A scope of work will be drafted for any project or long-term service. Prices are subject to increase annually.
Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Sharon directly to discuss your requirements, and her current rates and availability.