How To Register Gov Domain Names

NetWise are approved domain registrars which enables us to register the following domain names.,,, and These domain names can only be issued to eligible organisations in compliance to criteria set by UKERNA (United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association) and JISC.

We’re able to register new gov domains or  you can transfer your existing gov domain to NetWise if your current provider is no longer an authorised domain registrar. NetWise work with the Parish Council Domain Helper service.

See below for more information about eligibility and then use the form below or contact us on 0151 272 0104.

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Choosing a domain name

Your proposed domain name must clearly describe your organisation or government initiative you’re providing. Think about users of the domain name and make sure the name is not too long or complicated.

Your domain name must:

  • be between 3 and 63 characters long
  • contain only alphanumeric characters (0-9 and a-z) and the ‘-‘ (dash) symbol

Your domain name must not:

  • be the same or substantially similar to an existing domain name
  • use ‘&’ (ampersands) or ‘_’ (underscores)
  • include abbreviations like ltd, plc and gov
  • include a postcode

You must use the full name of your organisation, government initiative or an appropriate suffix or abbreviation.

If you apply for an acronym, initialism, or abbreviation this must be descriptive, unique and clear to avoid user confusion. Applications for these terms will need approval from the Naming and Approvals Committee. Commonly-used abbreviations like DWP, HMRC or DVLA are acceptable as are abbreviations that are well-known to your users.


A central department can use

A county council can use

A town council can use, or

A parish council can use, or

A geographical identifier your users will recognise.

Example is acceptable.

Available gov domains domains

The domain is reserved for official UK government websites such as or For eligibility guidelines, click here. domains

This domain is reserved for higher education and research establishments such as Universities such as or The ac is an abbreviation  of academic. Click here to find out about eligibility. and domains

These domains are reserved for official Welsh public sector organisations. More information can be found here domains

The domains are reserved for official Scottish government websites. Eligibility guidelines can be found here

Ready to order your domain?

If you already have or are ordering a website with us then the cost of a domain name is as follows:

One off setup up fee £50  + VAT

Annual renewal cost £60 + VAT

If you have a website elsewhere or don’t plan to use NetWise for your website then the price is slightly different:

One off setup fee £50 + VAT

Annual renewal cost £100 + VAT

If you don’t already have a gov domain name then please complete the form below.  We can process the application on your behalf. We may be also able to secure some funding for you towards the cost. If you already have a gov domain then please call us or email us on and we’ll be happy to assist.

Already have a domain that you’d like to transfer to us?

With recent Cabinet Office changes, we realise that some registrars will not be continuing to register and manage domain names from 2024.  NetWise are able to transfer your existing domain to us and to continue to manage it on your behalf. Simply email us on and include the following

  • your domain name
  • your current registrar

We’ll then be able to assist you further.

Have questions?

If you still have questions about ordering a domain then feel free to contact us using the form below.