How To Register Gov Domain Names

NetWise are JANET approved domain registrars which enables us to JANET UK approved domain registrarsregister the following domain names. ac.uk, gov.uk, gov.scot, gov.wales and llyw.cymru. These domain names can only be issued to eligible organisations in compliance to criteria set by UKERNA (United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association) and JISC.

See below for more information about eligibility and then use the form below or contact us on 0151 272 0104.

How To Register ac.uk domains

This domain is reserved for higher education and research establishments such as Universities such as cam.ac.uk or open.ac.uk. The ac is an abbreviation  of academic. Click here to find out about eligibility.

How To Register gov.uk domains

The .gov.uk domain is reserved for official UK government websites such as hmrc.gov.uk or dwp.gov.uk. For eligibility guidelines, click here.

How to Register gov.scot domains

The .gov.scot domains are reserved for official Scottish government websites. Eligibility guidelines can be found here

How to Register gov.wales and llyw.cymru domains

These domains are reserved for official Welsh public sector organisations. More information can be found here

Ready To Register?

Once you’ve read the eligibility rules for the relevant domain names then please contact us using the form below. We can advise and register the domain with JISC on your behalf.