Websites For Community Councils

Community Council Websites

The Welsh Government guidance on the access to information on Community and Town Council websites doesn’t differ too much from the guidance that is given to Parish Councils in England. Our websites are packed with features to make updating and maintaining your Community Council web pages a breeze! Designed to ensure compliance with section 55 of the Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013. In addition, all our websites are compliant with GDPR and WCAG 2.1 (Accessibility Regulations)

Check out the video on this page for an overview of the key features available. You will see how easy it is to add new events, notices, minutes, agenda items and much more.

As an administrator, you simply login to the easy to use dashboard and add your content to the various sections. We have a number of easy to follow video tutorials and if you have any questions, we’re always available to answer them.

Don’t struggle with a generic website. Choose to have a website that is designed specifically for Community Councils and Town Councils in Wales.

Video Demonstration

Our websites are designed to allow community councils and town councils to comply with the transparency code, GDPR and the accessibility standards with minimum fuss and cost.

Each website has all the features needed to comply with the code and to keep your community members informed. Each website is fully responsive and so can be viewed on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

In addition we also offer training to those members responsible for updating the website and we even provide domain name registration services including wales.gov and llyw.cymru if required along with fast reliable hosting.

Take a look at the features below to see how we can relieve the burden of compliance.

Community Council Website Features

Document Archive
Members Details
Ongoing Support

Document Archive

A facility to enable the easy upload of any document, PDF, Word Doc, Excel File or images can easily be uploaded and sorted into categories.

This allows the upload and easy display of minutes, agendas, financial reports, audits and everything else that you are required to publish in order to comply with the transparency code.

Members Details

Easily add and edit members details and responsibilities. Councillors, members, can be listed along with other details such as the committees that they sit on, their contact details, photograph and any other information that you wish to publish.


Create community events with just a few clicks and have them display in order on your website. Connecting with your community couldn’t be easier.


Community notices are just as easy to publish and allow your community to flourish.

Ongoing Support

We offer training to your key members and clerks to enable them to update the website in a timely manner and with ease. We realise that many smaller authorities find complying with the transparency code daunting, with that in mind we also offer ongoing support including a members area with help files and short ‘how to’ videos.


Our hosting is secure and fast ensuring that your website is always available. We ensure that your system is always up to date, we take care of any software updates leaving you free to do the more important work in your community.

Our Transparency Code Compliant Websites Are Responsive

This ensures that they can be viewed on any device, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Parish Council Web Design Example

Easy To Update

Click on images below to view
upload minutes to website
add councillor to website
parish council website design
Upload A Document

Couldn’t be more simple, minutes, agendas, audits, accounts and financial statements are all easily published and displayed on the website. You can upload either word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs or images with just a few clicks and the website does the rest.

Add A Member

Adding and editing members or councillors is just as easy. Simply click add new member and then complete the pre-formatted boxes, add an image and you’re done. You can choose to publish contact details, political affiliation, ward and social media links should you wish.

Events, News & Notices

Communicating with your community is as simple as can be. Post events, parish notices and news stories with the push of a button. If you can use a standard word processor program such as MS Word then you’ll find that this is almost identical.