Required Information and Website Development

Section One

This information is to be provided by the Council so that we can design your website. Only move onto section two once we’ve emailed you to do so.

Please click on the arrows to the left of each section for more information.

Click on the blue pop out section on the right to access the form and submit the information. You can open and close the form whilst you are working on it without losing data.

Please supply us with your basic information, including full name of council, address, postcode and telephone number.

Please supply us with your logo (if available).  If you don’t have a logo, we can create one for you.

sample logo






Example above.

The logo should preferably be horizontal and no less than 500 pixels.

Please supply us with up to three background images for your website.

background image sample

Images should be good quality and around 1500 pixels wide and at least 700 px deep.

We can crop images if needed.

Please supply us with your required menu structure.

Menu structureBear in mind, you’re better to group items in order to make the main menu less cluttered.

For example, the documents above contain, Agendas, Minutes, Financials and Policies in a sub menu. To show what you want as a sub menu just indent it to the right underneath the parent or use a hyphen.


– Agendas
– Minutes
– Financials
– Policies

You can supply the menu structure in a Word document (or similar) or simply an hand sketch if preferred.

Alternatively, we can provide the default menu system as seen in the image for now. This can be edited and added to at any point in the future. This is the preferred method as we’ve developed a menu based on the most common requirements of a Council. The only things that we may have to add are any special features that your Council may have such as pages for a village hall, cemetery etc.

Please supply us with up to four virtual tour locations (if required).Virtual Tour

Simply let us know the postcode and road name of the relevant locations.

Bear in mind, this is powered by Google Street View ™ and so we can only display locations where the Google street cars have been.

You can omit this section if you do not want to use this feature.

Please supply us with any preferred colour scheme if you require a different scheme to the default settings.

This colour will be used on the menu and the content boxes on the home screen. You can state primary colours such as blue, green, red etc or you can give us a specific hex code. Please note that we will change the text colour to suit in order that it is easily readable to comply with WCAG2.1aa. In rare circumstances we may need to slightly alter the shade of the colour to ensure that there are no contrast errors.

You can find the hex codes (#) for the colours on this website

Social Links

Please provide us with the links to any social media accounts you may be using (Facebook page, Twitter profile etc.)

Also, please confirm if you would like the profiles to be displayed as a feed (see attached image), or as links from the icons in the footer.

Section Two

The remaining content of the website is to be populated by the person responsible for updating the website

Start to populate your website using the video tutorials below. Support is available via the chat facility below (normal working hours) or via submitting a support ticket from our portal here