Operation London Bridge

It’s not a pleasant topic to have to discuss but none the less, working in the public sector it’s a topic that needs to be planned for. Operation LONDON BRIDGE is the code name given to the procedure that will be followed in the event of the death of a Senior Royal, namely HM The Queen.  Operation FORTH BRIDGE is the codename for the protocol following the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

We’ve had several enquiries of late about providing a feature that’s simple to implement in the event. Over the past weeks we’ve put together a simple solution to ensure that your website is compliant and ready to display in the correct format.

Our understanding is that following an official announcement from Buckingham Palace, each local authority website will be required to provide a landing page. This should be of black background, containing only the official image of the Royal family member who has passed, their year of birth and year of death and a simple button to allow visitors to continue to the main website.

In practise, this sounds simple however we have had to test different solutions in order to keep the implementation as simple as possible.

Along with the assistance of the Custodian of the Official Royal Image Library of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, we are now able to offer this functionality. The screenshot below illustrates what the landing page will look like. Please note, we have had to blur the image for this demo in accordance with the licensing restriction that comes with the official images. This image will not be blurred when the actual event occurs nor will there be any text overlay on the image.

London Bridge For Parish Councils

How To Add The London Bridge Website Function

We’ve made this as simple as possible. Simply click on the order link below and we’ll do the rest. Once we’ve processed your order, we’ll install the required software that powers the function. From there, you need to do nothing until the time that the operation is triggered by Buckingham Palace. On the day that the announcement is made, we aim to have the correct licensed official photograph in place within the hour. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the short video below. This will involve adding the year of birth and the year of death.  The Duke Of Edinburgh was born in 1921, the Queen was born in 1926. You then need to simply click on “Activate”.

We’d advise adding this functionality to your website now so that you may be ready to react in a timely manner when the operation is triggered. We’ve also produced a short two minute video showing how to implement the landing page once the official announcement is made.

How To Activate Following An Announcement