The Best Website For A Parish Council

the best website for parish councils

The Best Website For A Parish Council

A question that we are often asked is “What is the best type of website for a Parish Council?” Hopefully we can explain here why we believe that our WordPress powered websites are the best solution.

One In Four New Websites Use WordPress

Organisations around the world are waking up to the potential of WordPress and not without reason. Companies such as New York Times, The Metro, Ford Motor Company, Sony, M&S, BBC, Star Wars and even The Rolling Stones have chosen Wordpress to power their official websites.

If you consider that there are hundreds of different platforms that can be used to design a website, the fact that WordPress accounts for 25% of all new websites is impressive.

Easy To Update

We realised that most Parish Council websites will be updated by a parish clerk that may have limited website experience and so we have configured our websites to be easily updated. If you can use a word processor then you’ll be able to update our websites.

The Transparency Code states that minutes should be published within a month of the meeting to which they relate and that meeting agendas should be published no later than three days before the meeting that they refer to. If you use a static website then you may have to rely on a web designer to post any updates, not only can this be costly but can also cause delays which would impact on your compliance.

By using one of our parish council websites, you are in full control of your updates and edits. Full training is also offered.

Watch the short video below to see just how quickly and easily you can add minutes, agendas, Councillor details and more.



Fully Responsive

More and more of us are using smartphones to access the internet. Our Parish Council websites are designed to display on all devices and will automatically adapt depending on the size of the screen that the website is being displayed on.

This means that you website will look great and be easily accessible across all devices, including, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.



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